Vertaalbureau Architekst is a professional translation service that has been in operation since 2000. Their service offerings encompass multiple fields including technical, legal, and marketing translations. The company prides itself on offering translations in a broad range of languages, boasting language services for up to 140 languages.

Technical translations are one of their key areas of expertise. Vertaalbureau Architekst provides translation for technical brochures and manuals, and offers services catered specifically to the food industry. Legal translations are another important component of their operations. The company provides services for the translation of general terms and conditions, contracts, and also offers certified translations.

Besides, Vertaalbureau Architekst caters to the marketing sector with website translations, SEO-oriented translations, and market research translations. The firm also comprises supplementary services such as multilingual DTP, text revision, transcription, voice-over and subtitling.

Additionally, Vertaalbureau Architekst's commitment to quick service is highlighted by their promise of a quote within the hour. The company's quality is vouched for by its customers, with 100% of them recommending the service and an average rating of 9.9. Offering translation services to languages as diverse as Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, English, French, Greek, and many others, Vertaalbureau Architekst proves to be a versatile translation agency catering diverse industry needs.

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Vrankaartstraat 7,

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Phone: 003255385387