Founded in the year 2000 in the charming town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Excel Custom Deck Builders has consistently led the industry in the design and construction of extraordinary outdoor living spaces. With a focus on crafting bespoke decks that not only serve practical purposes but also exude design sophistication, our company has set unparalleled standards for excellence in this niche market. As a locally-owned and operated business, we take immense pride in the community we serve, and our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and designers invest both their passion and expertise into every project we undertake.

One of the defining characteristics that sets us apart from the competition is our meticulous attention to detail. From the initial consultation phase, where we listen intently to your ideas and preferences, to the final construction stage, we apply rigorous standards of quality and precision. This ensures that the transformed outdoor space faithfully reflects your individual aesthetic sensibilities while simultaneously enhancing the long-term value and appeal of your residence.

Another cornerstone of our business ethos is our commitment to utilising only premium materials, carefully sourced for their durability and visual appeal. Our unwavering dedication to quality guarantees that every deck we construct stands as a timeless and beloved extension of your home, providing you with a comfortable and visually stunning area to relax, entertain, or simply enjoy the great outdoors.

Excel Custom Deck Builders is more than just a deck construction company; we are the architects of your outdoor dreams. When you choose to work with us, your vision becomes our blueprint, your ideas transform into design concepts, and your dream outdoor space becomes a tangible reality. Experience the Excel Custom Deck Builders difference, where the amalgamation of creativity, craftsmanship, and customer service results in outdoor spaces that are nothing short of extraordinary.

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Excel Custom Deck Builders of Oshkosh
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Phone: (920) 614-6361