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Targets for their eclectic collection range from all levels of collectors. Those interested in boosting their personal collections to more seasoned collectors bent on acquiring rare editions, they have a vast stock that caters to a diverse clientele. Their online presence is well-structured and user-friendly. They exhibit their entire product range through their browse feature where every item is categorized into elaborative topics. It is through this system they make available their featured books, and their top books which are invariably sought after by clients.

Services at Bauman Rare Books are not limited to merely selling. They also buy books from individuals who are interested in selling their valuable and unique editions. Their selling feature is inclusive and provides seller-friendly options.

Catalogues are an important part of Bauman's service provision. They release timely catalogues, most recent being for August 2023 named New Acquisitions. The catalogue clearly outlines their latest collection, making it easier for interested parties to view and choose from their latest acquisitions.

The range of books available at Bauman is impressively wide. From Shakespeare's greatest tragedies extracted from the Third Folio of 1664 to A.A. Milne's Pooh books, everything is fascinatingly at disposal. They even posses first editions of some of America's classics, like Harper Lee's, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Additional features such as a Wishlist and a Shopping Bag add to the customer's convenience. Their website also offers an advanced search option, enabling shoppers to access their desired items more efficiently. Overall, Bauman Rare Books creates an engaging and accessible platform for rare book lovers, collectors, and sellers. With a highly desirable collection of books and items, it's a platform worth exploring for those passionate about rare finds.