Craftsman Book Company is a reputable publisher that specializes in construction books and software. With a conscious understanding of today's technologically-driven convenience, the company's online platform is user-friendly and accessible.

A cornerstone of the construction industry since 1952, Craftsman Book Company is committed to providing valuable assistance to builders. The company operates under the adage of enabling customers to navigate their services. This endeavor is evident in the customer service contact details conspicuously placed on the site alongside the company's operational history.

The company's product portfolio is compelling in its breadth and depth. It categorizes offerings into 'Books and Software,' each hosting an expansive collection suiting a variety of professional needs. Notably, offerings include Craftsman Estimating CostBooks and Software, Contract Software, National Estimator Cloud, National Appraisal Estimator, and grids focusing on ADA, OSHA, and Codes. The eBooks option is a nod towards digitization and reflects a modern approach to information dissemination.

As part of the comprehensive resources offered, Craftsman has an impressive pool of exam guides and software. This underlines the company's commitment to professional development in the construction industry. The provision of office manuals, Quick-Cards, and Tabs further emphasizes the company's commitment to delivering practical resources.

Recognizing the diversity of professional paths in the construction sector, Craftsman targets its products to a wide array of professional categories. The categories include Accounting, Appraisers and Adjusters, Carpentry, Concrete, Construction, Contractors, Electrical, Estimating, Exam Prep, Excavation, and Inspection to name a few. By tailoring services to various professionals' needs, Craftsman exemplifies versatility and inclusivity, which underscores its position as a reliable resource hub.

Their commitment to providing comprehensive and user-friendly resources establishes Craftsman Book Company as a critical cornerstone for builders, contractors, and individuals in related sectors. The company's approach, product portfolio, and commitment to customer service render it an asset to the construction industry. By fostering professionalism and offering a range of products designed to equip industry workers with necessary tools, Craftsman Book Company plays a pivotal role in shaping the construction sector's knowledge base. Its longevity and commitment to development render it not just a publisher, but a partner in construction and related fields.