Green Apple Books is a longstanding independent bookstore based in San Francisco, California. The business has expanded to operate three branches across the city, bringing a vast selection of new and used books to the local community since its inception in 1967.

The main branch, located at 506 Clement Street, has been serving customers since the late '60s. It opens from 10am to 9pm and offers a rich assortment of literature, including staff favorites, recent award winners, and newly released paperbacks. Green Apple Books on the Park, situated at 1231 9th Avenue, provides a similar service with slightly shorter operating hours, opening from 10am to 8pm. The bookstore's third branch, Browser Books, is based at 2195 Fillmore Street and also opens from 10am to 8pm.

In addition to selling books, Green Apple Books offers a range of products and services. These include gifts and subscriptions, an eGift service, and a consignment program for used books. The bookstore is also invested in community initiatives, promoting book donations via the 1619 Project to the San Francisco Unified School District and a partnership with the Prisoners Literature Project.

Besides physical products, the bookstore disseminates a thoughtfully curated selection of online content. This involves regular staff recommendations, updates on recent award winners such as the Booker Prize, National Book Award, and Pulitzer Prize, as well as information about upcoming events.

Green Apple Books also provides various merchandise options, like Paul Madonna totes and Green Apple apparel, to customers who want to display their store loyalty. Additionally, the bookstore makes a special effort to accommodate bulk orders, electronic books, and audiobooks, catering to various reading preferences and needs.

Verdict: Green Apple Books has become an integral part of San Francisco's local identity through its commitment to promoting literature and serving the community for over five decades. It has maintained a strong presence in the city at three distinct locations and offers a diverse range of new and used books, gifts, subscriptions, and community initiatives.