This site does not have what you would call a shoppers’ layout. Instead of the colorful layout you expect to get sprinkled with bottles of all types perfumes you are hit with a more plain and serious looking lay out that would take you some few minutes to understand what is happening. However, if you are an inquisitive person who likes to understand everything, you may read the long context on this site about body odor and the fast paced loading will definitely help.

Ease of use

Well considering that all this site has is lots of content, it is not hard to get around. One or two clicks and you have what you want. Furthermore, the tabs at the top of the site should be able to guide you around.

Standout features

Well the fact that apart from the silhouette of a person spraying themselves there is no other photo of a bottle of perfume, which makes this site stand out enough. Furthermore, the site is more for people that are looking for some mental nourishment and not for those that want to replenish their bottle. If your friend is a fragrance freak and a lover of information, this site could be a common ground for him so perhaps if you have such a friend, you might want to share the link.