Well, this site has every aspect of its layout screaming out for the female attention. Considering that it primarily deals with perfumes for women, this is not a bad thing. Other than that, it is quite spacious and attractive especially to the feminine market to which it is meant for.

Ease of use

As usual, the space does give a very flexible and very easy feel and this site has exactly that. Everything is well spaced with pictures of some of the best brands popping up randomly. It has a number of categories and one of those includes those which are trending which makes it easier for one to shop using this website.

Stand out features

The site does offer specified discounts on a number of fragrances and a list of celebrity fragrances just in case you would like to smell like you favorite celebrity. It is a great place for a shopper that loves diversity without the claustrophobic effect. It is definitely one that I can pass on.

With some of these sites, your experience with regards to shopping for fragrances online will definitely be revolutionalized. The features that they have are dedicated to giving the buyer a better experience that is more hands on and offers them more feel of control on what they would like to purchase, how they purchase it and how it gets to them. To get the best experience however depends on your preferences and as such the best site might change depending on what you want and what you’re looking for.