This is among the few sites that actually puts men and other buyers other than women into mind with regards to its design and layout. The color coded lay out that has pink for women and a shade of blue for men is definitely a one of a kind that helps it to retain a more balanced appeal to both sexes.

Ease of use

The color codes used on this site should shed some of the weight of getting around. Aside from the color codes, they also have a number of different categories that would help a buyer to get around with more ease like the best sellers section and the clearance section. They also have a list of some of the top fragrance designers which you can use to get your preferred brand. However, the site does look a little crowded.

Stand out features

Aside from the color codes, there is no other peculiar thing about the site that is worth being said. However they do make an effort to let you know how much you stand to save with each purchase but that can’t be verified. There are other options that you would rather direct a friend to that would be of more help than this.