If you love the exotic traditional French designs and patterns, this site offers exactly that. This is perhaps to drive home the kind of products that they deal with. As much as their site maybe attractive at a first glance, the feeling quickly dissipates when one learns that they do not get to see the perfumes on their first click and for the impatient the trip might end here.

Ease of use

This might not be what people would say is easy to use. It requires patience and several clicks to actually find something substantial. However, the categories offered help to make the experience less stressful and their layout of grouping the colognes depending on scent to some maybe helpful while to others this may not be the best way to go about it. Even worse is the fact that most of their products are not priced which makes this quite tasking.

Stand out feature

Regardless of their exquisite but relatively complex layout, they are among the few that offer custom perfumes to their clients. The downside is you have to visit their store in New Orleans to get this service. I would be skeptical about sending a friend here for online fragrance shopping.