To begin with, this is quite prompt at loading. Perhaps this is courtesy of the simple layout that it poses at first. It might be appealing to both sexes especially because its layout is majorly dominated by black and red which are more of a neutral to both. Additionally, it has a variety of categories even though it is a bit hard to tell where the official site begins and ends with all the advertisements.

Ease of use

As opposed to what you would expect with a fragrance site, this one does go a little outside the box. However, it still manages to remain quite easy to navigate and more so given the diverse categories that one can choose from.

Stand out features 

One thing that is unique about this site is the top 10 fragrances for men and the same for women. What is unique about these categories is that they not only offer a list but an analysis of each of the fragrances from when they were released right down the nature of their smell. This could be very helpful to an ally.