Well, here you have a lot of white which makes the site feel a bit empty but the huge slide at the top of the page with pictures of different products helps to put some life into the page. Nevertheless, it does have lots of space and a simple and user friendly lay out that most people might find relatively easy to use.

Ease of use

The space, enumerated categories and simple layout make it quite easy for one to use this site. With just one click you can add your item to the bag once you have identified it. Additionally, it also has a category for promotions for those that might be on a restrained budget.

Stand out features

If stipulating the prices of their products in pounds is unique well that is one of them. The other is that it has a section that offers beauty advice that may seem very attractive to most ladies. The ample space is ideal for shoppers especially those that would like to spend a lot of time doing this and since I have a couple of friends of this nature, then I would definitely get them this link