Well the most notable thing about fragranceX is the size of the lay out. Unlike most of the sites that have most of their page eaten up by advertisements and the page relegated to a centralized highly concentrated column at the centre, this site covers the entire screen which gives the visitor a spacious feel. However, the developers could have played around more with the colors as opposed to the dominant white which makes it feel a bit old school.

Ease of use

The extra space that the site offers means more space for the user to navigate without feeling claustrophobic. It has well enumerated tabs that are easily visible and covers a small number of fragrances on each window but you can scroll to the next perfume with just a single click.

Stand out features

The one thing that this site offers its buyers that is stand out is the member loyalty program. For every dollar spent, the customer earns a point. This is essential as the points can be used to make purchases in the future. It is a good site to point out to a friend.