Since last 30 years Toppik Inc. is creating cosmetic solutions for various types of hair problems including thinning hair. Couvre, Toppik, X5 and Fullmore are some of the brand names of the products produced by this company to resolve hair problems of millions of people all over the world by increasing their confidence by providing them youthful looks through covering their head fully with thick hair.

Your look with thinning and fine hair can be easily transformed with the tips and products offered by Toppik. You can make your head full of hair within few minutes through the naturally looking and undetectable Keratin Fibers which can be worn in any weather condition including rain and wind. They also resist your perspiration effectively. 

The hair growing products and techniques developed by Toppik are easy to use by men as well as women. Toppik has use dthe technology of using static energy to megnatize the natural Keratin Fibers to keep it stable on your head by intertwining instantly with your already thinning hair to make your head full of thick hair.

The hair growing products produced by Toppik are worth recommending to your balding colleagues and friends due to their effectiveness.