This website provides informative and educational advice to readers about the right lifestyle needed to achieve beauty, health and fitness. Their major service area is beauty and health with many tags around the two including food, hobby, weight, work and others that are uncategorized. It loads fast and the choice to design the website with white background and white/green font colors brings out the “health atmosphere”. Most of the information provided is about health and beauty products, where and how to purchase as well as the prices, comments and recommendations.

They also sell beauty and health products like healthy foods (e.g. healthy chocolate), fitness equipment (e.g. trampoline workout, medicine ball), formulas and medical systems. This site has numerous archives nicely arranged by year and month, as well as links that lead to many educational articles, blogs, affiliates and products. Since they offer health products, the website is characterized by several images with links that provide more information on use and availability. This site offers relevant information to women who are conscious about their health and is highly recommended.