BellaOnline refers to an educational website that provides visitors (mostly women) with detailed information about health, beauty and lifestyle. Some of the tags one can visit from this site include beauty and self, books and music, career education, family food & wine, health and fitness, politics, hobbies among others.

The diverse topics covered have many links making this site very resourceful. They are dedicated to teaching and empowering women with unlimited posts and guidance from their editors. This site has no problem loading since there are only a few images.

The formatting is basic with titles displayed in highlights. The design is hard to describe as pleasing, although it is far from poor. There are full http URLs as links and the navigation is simple. There is no “special” format or orientation used to improve the outlook with a typical black and white style preferred.

This site will benefit those looking for consistent information on diverse topics. It is host to a large database of information from recipes and diets, new trends, travel, lifestyle, educational news to economy, politics and government among many more.