Optic-Kleer is a professional windscreen repair service providing efficient and convenient repair solutions. It offers nationwide windscreen repair services allowing customers to have their vehicles serviced while they shop. The company's unique selling point lies in the convenience it offers, with a 'You shop. We repair.' mantra. To facilitate easy access, Optic-Kleer has a website feature where customers can enter their postcode to find their nearest repair location, augmenting user convenience.

This business offers windscreen chip repair services as their primary product. They have an inclusive repair service that caters to different vehicle types. As evidenced from their service records, the technicians at Optic-Kleer have successfully repaired windscreens for TOYOTA, FORD, MITSUBISHI, and NISSAN vehicles at different locations across the country.

The company's workforce is made up of franchised technicians who are not only skilled but also dedicated. They provide training to their new operators and continually invest in their development to ensure professional and high-quality service delivery. Based on the client testimonials, it is clear that the operators are acknowledged for their work, and retention of skilled workers is considered a priority in the business.

The customer service at Optic-Kleer seems to surpass expectations. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the wealth of knowledge and experience they received while interacting with the company's representatives. The company's customer-centric focus is illustrated in its commitment to repairing rather than replacing damaged windscreens, which serves as affirmation of their dedication to delivering optimal customer satisfaction rather than pursuing unnecessary costs.

The company's credibility is further reinforced by the warranty it offers, serving as a secure guarantee of their services, bringing peace of mind to customers.

As a whole, Optic-Kleer appears to be a dependable, customer-focused windscreen repair service firm offering efficient and hassle-free solutions to its clients. Their unique blend of skilled workforce, convenience, client satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness sets them apart in their field.