Serious Detecting is a company offering a wide range of metal detecting gear and accessories from various manufacturers suitable for different experience levels and uses. This includes treasure detectors, gold detectors, and waterproof detectors. They also have specialized detection gear suitable for police and security use. The range of products cater not only to advanced and expert detectors but also offer items appropriate for kids, beginners, and intermediates.

Some prominent brands that Serious Detecting carries include Anderson Detector Shafts, Apex Picks, Blue Bowl, Camel Mining Products, and Fisher. There are also offerings from brands like Garrett, Gold Buddy, and Gold Cube. Products from other noted manufacturers such as NEL Coils, Nokta, Quest Metal Detectors, and Sun Ray are also available. They host a multitude of brands providing a comprehensive selection to choose from.

Besides detectors, the company also offers an array of helpful guides and educational materials about metal detecting. These resources detail important topics like how metal detectors work, metal detector terminology, different detector technologies, and a metal detecting code of ethics and laws. Moreover, there's valuable information on search coil selection and depth capacity of metal detectors. The company also furnishes customers with answers to frequently asked questions and tips about metal detecting. This wealth of information act as valuable assets for both new detector enthusiasts and seasoned experts.

Serious Detecting is known for its dedication to the metal detecting community, offering not only quality gear and accessories but also valuable information befitting various use cases and skill levels. Despite its wide array of products, it manages to maintain user-friendliness with clear product categorization based on use, brand, and level of experience. This makes the selection process significantly easier for customers. The company underscores its commitment to client service by providing a number of product guides to help users select the best gear suitable for their specific needs and experience level. In conclusion, Serious Detecting is a useful option for the community, whether one is just starting out or is an expert in the field.