Australian retailer of tires, wheels and other products and services. The website is clearly aimed at people who are very passionate about their cars with lots of promotional items found at every step.

The first page will introduce you to the store with a video integrated in the page. There’s a video and vehicle gallery also available for users who want to actually see their products in action. Aside from that, you’ll find the regular stuff you’d normally find on an online store, like main categories. These categories include tires, wheels and services.

The FAQ section will answer the most frequent questions posted or asked by users and buyers. The contact page will offer you the information needed to get in touch with this business for additional details. In the gallery section, you’ll be provided with lots of images of vehicles equipped with the products found on this website.

Now, as for the product pages, they are filled with all sorts of promotional materials and information about the product. Descriptions and technical information are present and you can also benefit from discounts on selected products. You’ll also learn about what comes with the product, like free fitting materials and tools, affiliated services and certifications. Several images from several angles and on different models of cars are available. Upgrades are usually available as well and you can add them on the product page. In terms of checkout procedure, you get the standard thing – add to card and then checkout. Payments can be made with all major credit cards and PayPal. Some items qualify for free delivery and at the bottom of each product page there’s a review section where users can share and rate their experience with the selected product.

Business address

Ozzy Tyres Holdings Pty Ltd.

Contact details

Phone: 92 103 495 914