Premier Plates UK is a provider of private number plates and car registrations. They offer a wide variety of services including the sale of personalised number plates, car registrations, private plates, personalised registrations, and other related services. Customers can also request valuation services for their personal number plates or use Premier Plates UK's bidding service at its auctions.

The company showcases its substantial offering, boasting a database of over 65 million private plates. The price points are varied, beginning at ₤49.00, aiming to accommodate a broad customer base with differing budgets. This vast selection is said to represent the largest range in the style of plates available in the marketplace.

Premier Plates UK is not just a reseller. They are officially recognised by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and are registered number plate suppliers (RNPS 2368). This allows them to legally supply compliant number plates for both cars and motorcycles. This dual role of being both a reseller and a supplier gives Premier Plates UK a unique position in the industry.

To enhance customer experience, the company offers additional services. One of them is a Fully Managed Transfer Service that, paired with a fast track online transfer process, eases the chore of transferring the ownership of a private number plate. These services set Premier Plates UK apart as a preferred choice for many customers in the market.

Premier Plates UK also places a strong emphasis on secure and reliable online retailing. Their accreditation from Safe Buy UK and Shop Safe is an endorsement of this commitment. They also maintain PCI Merchant Compliance, ensuring secure management of card payments, enhancing trust, and ensuring a secure shopping experience for customers.

In conclusion, Premier Plates UK provides comprehensive services for those seeking private number plates and car registrations. They have a vast selection, are DVLA recognised, offer additional services to improve the customer experience, and uphold a strong commitment to online security. Their combination of services, secure platform, and extensive variety place them as a competitor in their industry.

Business address

Premier Plates UK
Highthorn House,
AB51 0JJ
United Kingdom

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Phone: 08456 523040