Remotes and Keys is a company specialized in providing keyless entry remotes, car remote replacements, key fobs, and keys. It offers services from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm EST, and customers can reach out via call, SMS, or email.

With an extensive range of products, Remotes and Keys offer regular remotes, remote head keys, smart key remotes, flipkey remotes, and fobiks. It also sells transponder keys and regular car keys. Customers can conveniently search for key fobs according to the make of their vehicles. The company's product range extends across a wide array of car brands such as Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Chrysler to name a few.

In addition to remotes and keys, the company also holds an inventory of aftermarket system fobs, repair parts, key fob covers, and batteries. It can provide assistance with a variety of key-related accessories like button pads, custom flipkeys, emergency keys, flipkey parts, fobik KE testers, key accessories, key fob covers, and leather covers amongst others.

For the convenience of its customers, the company offers an accessible online shopping cart on its website to expedite the buying process. Customers can log in or sign up for an account on the company's website, add their desired products to the cart, and checkout securely. Their 'Search By Product Type' and 'Search Key Fobs by Make' functions simplify the process of finding the exact product one is looking for.

Furthermore, Remotes and Keys also offers a comprehensive selection of tools and equipment related to keys, such as locksets, toolboxes, and various specialized locksmithing tools. Overall, Remotes and Keys appears to be a well-rounded firm aiming to cater to all possible key-related needs of its customers.

Business address

Remotes And Keys
PO Box 488,
United States

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Phone: 386-586-3650
Fax: 718-228-8876