Seller of car stickers which are supposed to fit on the horizontal lines on the back of your vehicle. This makes them look more natural than ordinary stickers, the website says.

As far as the available products go, there aren’t a lot of them. At the time this review was written, they only featured a total number of eight products, each representing a different sort of country or region flag. They are pretty small, but come at affordable prices.

Each product has its own page which features of a comprehensive description about the item, alongside with general indications about the brand and its usefulness and durability. Aside from that, you get images with possible locations where to fit the stickers to.

A blog which is attached to the website explains more about these stickers and how their fare in different circumstances, including cold weather and dirt. The FAQ section answer popular questions users might have about the product. The instructions page features a few basic guidelines in placing and maintaining the sticker. A contact page is offered as well, alongside the standard “About Us” page that details more about this sticker seller.

Business address

6-5370 Canotek Road,
K1J 9E6

Contact details

Phone: 1-855-504-0316