Auto Auction Mall, or AAM, is America's largest car auction marketplace open to the public. At any one time, more than 150,000 live car auctions are being conducted on almost any type of vehicle you can imagine. Auto Auction Mall acts as a licensed dealer, giving you proxy access to thousands of car auctions throughout the country.

We buy the cars on your behalf and help with the shipping to your door. AAM gives you unrivalled access to all the top US car auction houses, from both insurance and dealer-resale markets. For professional and first-time buyers alike, our system of compiling all vehicles for auction sale in one place means it is now easier than ever to find the vehicle you're looking for, at an unbeatable price.

Using Auto Auction Mall, you can access the dealer markets that normally you would never have access to without a dealers' license. This means you can cut out the middleman and buy vehicles for the prices dealers are paying, before selling them on.

Whether you are looking for a used car, salvage vehicle, or even just spare parts, we're confident you're not going to find them cheaper anywhere else. There is a reason dealers use these auctions!

On top of this, we have the lowest fees of any major car auction website, so that's another saving on top of these prices. With a range of payment options and a full customer support system we're always here to help make the process as simple as possible, and we're always here to lend advice.

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Auto Auction Mall
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Phone: +18006808010