Auto Auction Mall is an online marketplace offering access to used, pre-owned, and salvage vehicle auctions. The platform provides the opportunity for buyers to purchase vehicles at dealer rates from major salvage and insurance vehicle auction houses across North America. This gives customers the chance to save significantly on vehicle purchases, as they are accessing the same prices as local dealers.

The website provides access to a vast catalogue of over 100,000 auctioned vehicles, providing an array of choices. The auctions are available daily, making the service highly accessible and suitable for various schedules. The hours of online auction accessibility fluctuate, with availability from 9AM to 5PM EST and 9PM to 1AM EST, giving participants ample time to peruse potential purchases.

Auto Auction Mall's service is complemented by their Auction Specialists who assist customers in navigating the AS-IS market. These specialists provide valuable guidance and expertise in finding the right cars at the most favorable prices. The aim is to ensure a smooth transaction process, while also instilling a sense of confidence and trust in customers. This support can be accessed through multiple channels, including over the phone and via Skype.

Furthermore, the website offers several learning resources, including a Learning Center and FAQs, to help potential buyers understand how car auctions work, necessary licensing requirements, and US states rebuild title rules. This commitment to customer education and engagement demonstrates a transparent approach to operations.

Auto Auction Mall is also characterized by a high level of customer satisfaction, as indicated by a Google rating of 4.4. There are clear refund policies and shipping and export procedures outlined on the website, which add to the ease and user-friendly nature of the service.

Verdict: Auto Auction Mall is a proficient online platform facilitating access to an extensive range of used and salvage vehicle auctions. Their auction specialists, daily auctions, and a library of educational resources promote a simple and satisfying user experience. Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction is evident in policies and resources that ensure transparency and facilitate customer communication.

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Auto Auction Mall
20200 W. Dixie Hwy #1001,
United States

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Phone: +18006808010