Manchester Driver Training is a comprehensive driver training service based in Manchester. Catering to a wide array of learner profiles and offering a diversified range of courses and lessons, it aims to deliver competent driving abilities in an array of challenging real-world situations. Price lists are conveniently separated for manual and automatic learning drivers.

At the base level, they cover full license refresher lessons in both manual and automatic courses, perfect for those wishing to brush up on their driving skills. For customers who wish to fast-track their learning journey, the company offers intensive courses in both driving disciplines.

The company demonstrates flexibility by offering to find an earlier driving test opportunity for its learners. Other valuable services include early morning driving lessons, female instruction in both manual and automatic vehicles, and facilities for driving tests in out-of-area locations. For individuals who prefer learning in their own vehicle, Manchester Driver Training provides in-car driving lessons.

Manchester Driver Training doesn't limit its services to basic teaching. It provides specialized training for varying driving scenarios and challenges. The offerings range from handling the complex task of Changing Lanes, to mastering roundabouts, dealing with rural driving conditions, and understanding the aspects of eco-safe driving, among others. Additional services include a Pass Plus course and an excursion day course.

Understanding the importance of catering to drivers with diverse backgrounds, the company offers second opinion mock tests, preparation for driving assessments related to insurance and medical conditions, and dedicated courses for international licensees and European Union license holders.

Courses are also provided for disqualified drivers looking to regain their driving confidence and skills. Manchester Driver Training extends its expertise to complete fleet risk assessments, offering a mandatory service for many commercial establishments.

The company also aims to create skilled driving instructors. It provides driving instructor training and consultations. Additional offerings include courses for anxious drivers and au pairs, signifying a holistic understanding of different driving dynamics. In addition, their Insurance Driving Assessment Course and Medical Driving Assessment Preparation provide useful frameworks for drivers that need to understand the specific conditions associated with these situations.

In addition to these standard offerings, Manchester Driver Training provides gift vouchers, making it easier for customers to gift driving lessons to friends and family. They adhere to Covid safety protocols, ensuring the safety of both learners and instructors during the lessons.

In conclusion, Manchester Driver Training's wide range of courses, flexible offerings, and a keen understanding of different driving dynamics make it a comprehensive driving training service.

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Manchester Driver Training
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0161 442 7999