Pinnacle Auto Glass is an automotive glass repair and replacement business located in Phoenix, Arizona, which is noted for its high-quality services. The company's primary offerings include windshield replacement and repair, and they cater to a variety of vehicles, covering all makes and models. This versatility of service ensures that almost any potential customer's needs can be met.

Included in the company's service roster are windshield replacement, windshield repair, car window replacement, and rear window replacement. They also help customers with insurance claims, explaining the process and procedure to make it as stress-free as possible. Their service blurb suggests that they not only aim to provide a repair or replacement service but also ensure the customer has a clear understanding of what is being done and why.

In addition to their primary repair and replacement services, Pinnacle Auto Glass provides a variety of other services. One notable addition is windshield technology. They also claim to perform a windshield inspection, windshield recalibration, and provide up-to-date information on their services during COVID-19. These services suggest an attention to detail on their part.

Under their service information, Pinnacle Auto Glass highlights a 100% Lifetime Warranty. This indicates a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and quality. The website also includes educational contents for customers, detailing the types of windshield damage, how auto glass insurance works, and providing updates on Arizona's windshield law. The inclusion of this information suggests that the business is highly transparent and seeks to educate its customers about its line of work and the automotive industry as a whole.

The company serves all the greater Phoenix, AZ areas, including but not limited to, Ahwatukee, Casa Grande, Mesa, New River. These extensive areas of service suggest that they have a broad reach and are equipped to serve a wide range of customers.

In a bid to ensure transparency, Pinnacle Auto Glass has a dedicated section for reviews from customers around the web. This could be interpreted as a willingness on the part of the company to showcase its reputation and the satisfaction levels of its previous clients.

Overall, Pinnacle Auto Glass appears to be a comprehensive and customer-centric business, offering a broad range of glass repair and replacement services, educational content for its customers, and a transparent booking and insurance claim process. Their services extend throughout the greater Phoenix area, demonstrating their accessibility and broad customer base.

Business address

Pinnacle Auto Glass
2942 N 24th St Suite 114,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (480) 999-5907