CarCliq is a platform that provides a variety of services related to cars and motoring. The focus of the business appears to be on the buying and selling of new and used cars, as well as used commercial vehicles and motorhomes. However, they also extend their services to recommend offers tailored to individual motoring needs.

Included in their service portfolio are vehicle servicing and repair, car warranty, car parts, car finance, car insurance, and breakdown cover. These services provide comprehensive support for car owners and potential buyers, addressing various potential needs and challenges related to car ownership and maintenance.

Furthermore, they provide a steady stream of updated motoring news, curated with a focus on developments and issues that are relevant and useful to car owners. This includes relevant topics such as insurance myths, road safety issues, and automotive innovations. In addition, they also share light-hearted content, such as April Fools' motor jokes and features on the best family cars, thus offering a balance of both critical information and entertainment.

CarCliq also features expert car reviews on their platform. The reviews cover an extensive range of car models and brands, providing a broad perspective and in-depth knowledge about different cars. The reviews seem to be conducted by motoring journalists, indicating that their assessments are based on professional and experienced viewpoints. The cars reviewed range from the Hyundai I10 to a Porsche, indicating a wide range of vehicles reviewed to cater to different tastes and budgets.

Also of note are the guides that CarCliq provides on its platform. These guides offer advice on various aspects of car ownership and driving. This useful information includes tips on issues such as fitting a child car seat, legal issues related to driving, and even eclectic topics such as best road trips in the world.

Finally, CarCliq offers a feature to determine the value of your used car, another service that is helpful for potential sellers as well as buyers. Additionally, a function to search for vehicles and motorhomes based on one's location also adds to the user-friendly nature of the platform.

In conclusion, CarCliq provides a comprehensive array of services for car buyers, sellers, and owners. Their extensive offerings, combined with their regular updates and guides, make them a versatile tool for anyone looking to buy, sell, or maintain a vehicle. All these features and services appear geared towards making the process of owning and maintaining a vehicle more accessible and convenient to their users.

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13 Church Street, Wellington,
United Kingdom

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Phone: +44-01952-913166