Simply Bearings Ltd is a comprehensive supplier of a vast range of products, including ball bearings, oil seals, O-rings, V-belts, and SKF. This business aims to cater to various customer requirements, offering a broad selection of items. Informative telephone customer service is available to assist consumers with inquiries.

In addition to the primary products offered, the company also caters to more specialized needs with a wide array of housings and inserts, needle roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and taper roller bearings among others. This comprehensive product range makes Simply Bearings Ltd a one-stop-shop for many mechanical needs.

Furthermore, Simply Bearings Ltd also supplies a broad specter of sealing products. This range includes several types of seals such as rotary shaft seals, end cap seals, SKF seals, and seal lubricants. They also provide various tools and housed bearing seals.

The company's offering extends to the power transmission field. It provides an extensive range of power transmission products, including all types of belts, tapered locking bushes, pulleys, couplings, sprockets, and roller chains. They also offer a useful belts and drive calculator for customer convenience.

A unique feature of Simply Bearings Ltd's product catalogue is their selection of balls and rollers. They offer all steel balls 52100 chrome along with a host of other types, which makes it a diverse supplier in this niche.

Lastly, the company presents multiple methods of contact including telephone numbers and an interactive company video for customers to learn more about their operations. They also offer a variety of informational resources such as conversion tables, ISO limits, and fits, thus, making Simply Bearings Ltd a user-friendly platform. For individuals seeking job opportunities in this sector, Simply Bearings Ltd also lists available vacancies.

In conclusion, Simply Bearings Ltd is a multi-faceted supplier providing an extensive range of mechanical components. Through its broad product offerings, customer-friendly services, and informational resources, it caters to diverse customer needs in a comprehensive manner.

Business address

Simply Bearings Ltd
Halton House, Greenfold Way,
United Kingdom