CarReg UK, established in 1988, is a dealer and agent that specializes in buying and selling private number plates. The company has over 30 years of experience in this area of business, earning it a high level of trust and respect among the customers. CarReg UK boasts a large collection of registrations, with 65,564,872 available for purchase. The company has offices dispersed around the UK for accessibility and customer convenience.

The company is a registered reseller of DVLA registrations, in addition to being a member of all relevant governing bodies. This ensures compliance in all transactions and adds a layer of security for prospective buyers. CarReg UK simplifies the process of purchasing private vehicle registration plates, placing a great emphasis on ease and security to promote a smooth buying experience for every customer.

Customers looking to sell their number plates can also tap into this service. CarReg UK provides number plate valuations in its service list, which helps sellers to determine the market price of their personalised number plates.

CarReg UK also offers a range of cheaper number plates that are either in stock or have been recently reduced. This is made possible through the company's continuous flow of new number plates, added daily via their stock, agency, and a network of reliable dealers. The company strives to provide excellent customer service, valuing each customer greatly and ensuring they receive the best service possible.

The company's website is also user-friendly, allowing users to search their extensive database for cherished number plates and personalised number plates. Additionally, they provide a 'Make Your Own Plate' feature for those who prefer a personalized touch. They also have a number plate checker and viewer for ease of choice and purchase.

For inquiries, customers can reach out to the company on their provided contact, 01902 791 997. Also, they have a detailed FAQ section addressing common concerns and questions related to their services. This means that information and assistance are easily accessible to prospective and existing customers.

In brief, CarReg UK is a longstanding company in the private number plate industry, offering a wide range of services tailored to the needs and preferences of buyers and sellers alike. The company backs its services with industry compliance, decades of experience, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a reliable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell personalised number plates and DVLA registrations.