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  • EP
    A comprehensive collection of arts featuring over half a million artists and thousands of images.

    An American art auction company for sporting items. Located in Boston, it specializes in 19th -20th century American wildlife and sporting items and antique decoys.

  • Hamilton Art Auctions EP
    Provides predictable non-profit fundraising services through art auctions.

  • Q Art EP
    A large-scale internet auctioneer of fine arts. It offers thousands of styles from independent suppliers and publishers including limited editions, original paintings, sculptures and hand blown glasses among other items.

Arts Web Directory

Online arts auctions have emerged as a result of people looking for affordable places to purchase items cheaply. They have nowadays become an integral part of online shopping with bidding websites giving people an opportunity to get rare items easily. While most arts collections cannot be found in regular stores, there is need for a shopping directory that specializes in these peculiar items.

Arts include a group of creative disciplines which show the expression of man driven by the human creative impulse. They are greatly influenced by culture, situations or even the environment. The only way to understand a man’s inner being is to look at expressions such as creativity in arts and crafts. One detailed artistic is worth a thousand words. Visual arts such as drawings, paintings and sculpting have been used for years by different cultures to communicate messages and preserve history. Ancient Greek and Chinese cultures used paintings to preserve different aspects of society including kingships, wars and popular people. Egyptian and ancient roman art was used to make gods and symbolize superiority. Art has also been widely used in religions as a form of worship and preservation of historic events and people.

Although traditional arts are rare and expensive, shoppers can get them affordably on auction platforms. In such sites, the price is determined by the buyer and hence the possibility of getting great discounts. In this part of our shopping web directory, you find all forms of arts including traditional drawings, ancient architectural collections and designs, conceptual arts, modern graffiti and photography. Arts enthusiasts can meet on this platform and compete against one another for these rare items. We feature collections from all over the world so that clients can search for all their items from a one-stop shop. Art professionals can differentiate between original items and imitations. We only allow legitimate auction sites in our directory to ensure that shoppers only get genuine arts.