Marketing for Antiques Websites

Antique auctions are probably the most popular auctions in the world today, both in the internet and on live markets. One reason why internet auctions are so popular is because of the pleasure of competing with people from around the world. In auction sites for antiques and collectibles, the item always goes with the highest bidder and hence the thrill of outshining other shoppers to acquiring the item. In this shopping directory, you can find live auctions for rare items of old including artefacts, vintage clothing and coins.

Antiques are often rare and very expensive. Since most antiques are not sold in regular stores, internet auction sites are the best meeting places for antiquity enthusiasts. Although rare items can be auctioned at very high bid prices, it is possible to get some items at less than sixty of fifty per cent of their actual value through the auction market.

Antique sales are carried out in different kinds of auctions including English auctions, Dutch auctions, sealed first-price auctions, Vickerey auctions and multi-unit auctions. In English auctions, subsequent bidders are expected to offer higher prices than previous bidders with the highest bid being publicly displayed. In Dutch auctions, the seller mentions the price, after which it is lowered until the bidders accept it. In sealed first price bids, the bidders secretly submit their bids but no one knows the other’s price. The one offering the highest price goes with the item. Vickery bids are also referred to as sealed bid second-price auctions. Bids are submitted just as in sealed first price auctions but the winner pays the second highest bid price.

This category of our shopping web directory collects together a vast array of auction businesses from all over the world giving shoppers a chance to look for their items in just one store. All our listed websites are genuine and hence clients can safely bid for items without the fear of losing their money.


  • Antique Auction Center
    The official Alan Jones Auctioneers site for antique sales.

  • Antique Photography
    A comprehensive collection of image antiques, collectibles and vintage ephemera. It features valuable selections of 18th and 19th century as well as modern artistic images, photography equipment and books.

  • Antique Warehouse Auctions
    One stop shopping mall for antiques and collectibles.

    An online resource for buying and selling of fine arts, collectibles and antiques.