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The appetite of man for jewels started with the dawn of humanity. Even when humans first started using tools and clothes, some 100,000 years ago, pieces of jewelry were also produced from different kinds of materials available such as stones, feathers, animal skins, plants shells and bones. Artists have crafted all sorts of precious materials into jewelry as an expression of their creativity. In this category of our shopping directory, you can find beauty and decoration items ranging from popular historical civilizations of china, India and Egypt to modern diamond and gold decorations.

Across all generations, there has always been need for connection between people and jewelry. These items are used to define religion, culture and social classes. Women cannot live without items that define their beauty and express their inner character. There is therefore need for a shopping web directory that collects all genuine jewelry websites together and offers a reliable platform for jewel enthusiasts.

Over the last millennium, jewelry has been a major driving force of many cultural and fashion changes across the world. All designer clothes today are designed with a certain jewel in mind. Nearly 75% of American brides receive gold or diamond engagement and promise rings.

Jewels are classified into several categories depending on the part of the body where they are worn; including arms, hands, neck, feet, body and hair. Hair ornaments include fascinators, hair hang-lets and hair pins while neck jewels include necklaces and torcs.  Hand jewels for both men and ladies include slave bracelets and rings. Jewels are also categorized depending on their material including precious metals, metal alloys, minerals, base metals and organic gemstones. In this shopping directory, you can find several body decorations such as belly chains, châtelaines, brooches, breastplates and body piercing jewelry. Websites can submit their sites in an updated directory to get highly targeted customers.