Marketing for Glass Websites

Glass makes a great surface to craft decorations and paintings. Since its discovery, the material has been extensively used as powerful medium of decoration and expression of creativity. Glass art and craft work includes a number of items such as drawings, installations and exhibitions. You can browse this category of our shopping web directory for genuine art glass websites and items such as traditional glass sculptures, glass drawings, and modern glass decorations.

There are three major categories of glass art which are described according to the formation process; including hot glass, warm glass and cold glass. Hot glass refers to artwork made from glass that is molten at a temperature of around 2000 degrees Celsius. It is then molded into various forms such as blown glass, cast glass and sculpted glass. This process is instrumental in crafting goblets, ornaments, vases and hand blown bowls.

Warm glass involves heating glass material in a kiln to form pieces of art such as bent glass, slumped glass, kiln casted glass and fused glass. Slumping involves heating sheet glass to a temperature of about 1300 decrees Celsius, just enough for the glass to bend but not melt. It is then placed in a bend to create the desired shape.  In fused glass, different glass pieces are heated together until they melt to form some kind of a glass alloy.

Cold glass involves the techniques done to glass that is not hot. This involves activities such as etching, engraving, polishing and grinding of glass items to form beautiful pieces of art. Etched glass involves application of an acid to the glass surface to create matte finish giving the glass a translucent quality. Artists can also use grit mediums such as silica carbide or aluminum oxide to sandblast glass for a classic look.
There is no limit to the types of artwork man can make out of glass. Amazing glass sculptures can be made through flame working, an art commonly used in the formation of glass jewelry, deans, small figurines and ornaments.

The beauty of this kind art lies in the fact that glass is a very versatile material. It can be used to make artistic items of all sizes and colors. Glass decoration enthusiasts can use this shopping directory to compare buy and view thousands of glass items.