Madison Art Shop is a retailer that specializes in various art supplies including, but not limited to, artists' opaque projectors and light boxes. Their product range is extensive and covers various brands, one of which is Kopykake. Kopykake offers a broad selection of artist drawing projectors that cater to different needs and budgets.

The most affordable model in Madison Art Shop's inventory is the Kopykake Kwik-Draw KD200 Artist Opaque Projector. Priced at $109.99, this projector offers a cost-effective solution for artists. The product comes with options for additional add-ons. Customers can choose to add a Projector Platform for an extra $19.99.

Another model available is the Kopykake 300XK Artist Opaque Projector, priced at $179.99. With options for different models based on attachment preference - a model with a board, and another with a clamp - users can customize based on their peculiar needs. The projector also offers optional add-ons including an Extension Tube Accessory and a Reduction Lens.

The Kopykake KopyRite KR100 Artist Opaque Projector is a higher-end model with a price tag of $219.99. It offers two different base options either a baseboard or a table clamp. Like the other models, customers can also add a Reduction Lens for an extra cost.

The Kopykake Kobra K5000 Artist Opaque Projector and the Kopykake K1000 Artist Opaque Projector are the highest-priced models in the store's product line. Both are priced at $399.99. With these models, customers can choose a model with either a baseboard or a table clamp. Again, there's an option to add on a Reduction Lens.

Also, Madison Art Shop offers the Kopyrite KR100 Cake Decorating Projector, a device designed specifically for cake decorators. Priced at $209.99, this device too allows for customization with a stand option.

In conclusion, Madison Art Shop offers a variety of options for those searching for artist drawing projectors. With offerings from Kopykake, customers can choose the best tool that fits their specific need and budget. From cost-effective solutions to more premium devices, Madison Art Shop caters to a broad range of artists and art enthusiasts.