Lifeposters is a specialized retailer that sells a wide range of Christian posters, including religious posters, Bible posters, and Jesus posters. They cater to various demographic groups such as youth, girls, and kids. Additionally, Lifeposters offers nature canvas prints and humorous posters with Christian and anime themes.

A distinguishing feature of Lifeposters is its focus on the power of images combined with the Word of God. They believe that the picture can capture and deliver the powerful truth of biblical scriptures at important moments, providing encouragement and inspiration. Their customers have testified that Christian wall art from Lifeposters has helped them overcome challenges such as sin and depression, indicating a profound impact on their lives.

The Christian posters provided by Lifeposters are designed by David Sorensen, a Christian artist passionate about visually representing the goodness of God. Sorensen's work ensures the effectiveness of the message the poster is intended to deliver.

Apart from selling posters, the company also offers an affiliate program, allowing others to participate in their mission and profit from sales. Customers could easily find relevant information like contact details, customer service, and details about the company's operations on their website. Plus, Lifeposters hosts a blog where customers can read stories, testimonies, and informational articles about faith and evangelism.

Verdict: Lifeposters is a unique business that sells a variety of Christian posters designed to inspire and encourage customers in their faith journey. They achieve this not only by providing image-intensive religious posters but also through resources and articles available on their website. Their affiliation program extends their reach and provides a potential revenue stream for those who would like to promote their products.