Collectors Company is a dynamic enterprise that basks in providing collectors an avenue to pursue their passion by dealing in iconic post-war cards, special coins, and video games.

One of the main items they deal in is the Mantle's 1952 Topps Baseball card. Although this card is not the rookie card, it is highly regarded in the hobby world. Consequently, it has become the most important piece of cardboard in the collection of cards. The 1952 Topps Baseball card carries a note of intrigue; there is a legend which purports that the surplus products were discarded into the Hudson River by Sy Berger, the founder of Topps.

In addition, Collectors Company offers collectors an opportunity to interact with revolutionary video games. An example is the Super Mario Bros franchise game, which was directed by the celebrated Shigeru Miyamoto. The game stands out with its freedom of movement in all the three dimensions, largely open world founded on 3D polygons, and it features characters that are very well known in the video game industry.

Collectors Company also deals with unique coins, like the 1913 Liberty Head nickel. This piece of US currency is not just valued for its commercial worth, but its historic significance. Only five of these coins were ever produced and one had belonged to the famous coin collector of the 20th century, Louis E. Eliasberg. Its rarity and history make it one of the world's most valuable and mysterious coins in the collector's world.

Another item of interest that Collectors Company offers is the world's first game-worn autograph card. Due to sourcing issues, the card features the jersey of Upper Deck CEO's personal Michael Jordan. This card is not only unique due to the jersey but also because it's hand-numbered by an Upper Deck employee. The card's serial number is 23, which coincides with Michael Jordan's jersey number, adding to its uniqueness and appeal to collectors.

Collectors Company serves a diverse clientele, catering to individuals who have a soft spot for baseball cards, coins, and video games. They provide a wide array of collectibles that hold historical, financial, and cultural significance. With unique and valuable items like the Mantle's 1952 Topps Baseball card, the Super Mario Bros franchise game, the 1913 Liberty Head nickel, and Michael Jordan's autograph card, Collectors Company stands as a key player in the collector's world. Collectors Company does not just trade in normal collectibles; they offer a portal to explore and own pieces of history.