Armor Venue is a marketplace dedicated to the sale of various types of armor, helmets, shields, and related costumes. They cater to a diverse range of periods and styles, from the medieval era to the Roman empire and onwards. This vast variety of historical and fantasy-inspired items make it a go-to source for collectors, reenactors, and enthusiasts alike.

For those seeking medieval armor, the selection encompasses both individual pieces and complete armor sets. Products range from breastplates, cuirasses, gauntlets, greaves, and leg armor to highly specific components, such as arm bracers, pauldrons, gorgets, and backplates. The medieval collection extends further to include a comprehensive line of helmets inspired by the Middle Ages, taking inspiration from the 14th Century German Sallets to the earlier Norman Nasal Helmets.

Aside from their extensive medieval collection, Armor Venue features a wide array of Roman armor. From Lorica Segmentata and Chainmail to distinctive Roman Belts and Baldrics, the range captures the essence of this historic era. For enhanced authenticity, the Gladiator Armor is available too. The Roman collection also extends into headgear, offering a selection of Centurion Helmets, Legionnaire Trooper Helmets, and various Imperial styles.

In addition to this, the collection features Greek armor and helmets for the Hellenic history enthusiasts and a line of Samurai Armor and Helmets for those interested in East Asian history. Items such as leather masks and headwear add a unique touch to any outfit or display piece.

One important aspect of Armor Venue's offerings is the various types of chainmail armor available. The selection comprises of chainmail hauberks, shirts, coifs, gauntlets, chausses, and voiders. Here too customers can choose from different types of chainmail to suit their requirements.

Shields available at Armor Venue cater to styles from different eras and cultures, including SCA battle shields and Roman Shields. Other notable items include miniature suits of armor and helmets for display purposes. As well as this, they offer a Bargain Dungeon section featuring an assortment of discounted items, making it possible for enthusiasts on a budget to acquire authentic-looking pieces.

In conclusion, Armor Venue presents a broad selection of armor, costumes, helmets, and shields for sale. With products inspired by a wide range of historical periods and cultures, it caters to a variety of tastes and preferences in the realm of historical armor and costume collection. It is a versatile marketplace providing customers with ample choices for their historical recreations, displays, or personal collections.