Online retailer of a wide range of fossils. Like any other shopping website, the main page will present you with the most important categories that are featured. Each product has its own description and presentation page that features details like the species the fossil belongs to, the age, the location it was found at, the formation, size, category, sub-category and item number. Each product features its own individual price.

There are even videos available for selected products, although it seems that some of these videos have been removed by YouTube due to copyright infringement. Premium items are featured in their very own category and you can stumble onto some great pieces there, but they come at a price – so it’s really up to you to decide which of these to get.

The New section offers a preview of the newest fossils added to the collection. Again, each has its own description page, each has its own price and they are presented through high-quality images, so you always know what you’re getting beforehand. A blog, testimonials and contact information can be found under the “About” section.

Each product is guaranteed to feature real fossils, as shown in their Authenticity Guarantee that can be found on the FAQ page under the About section. They ship their products internationally and you can use most major credit cards and PayPal to make payments for the products you wish to buy. Users also have the option of requesting a certain fossil and it will be featured in the store shortly if it’s available. Some social media integration is available both for promotional purposes and for more information. Under the About section there are a few pages which offer general information on fossils as well.

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