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  • Badges of the World
    Selling British military, army, navy, navy Badges, air force, police fire brigade, medical badges and more.

  • Christie's
    Art and collectibles auction house facilitating buying, selling and trading of items. Upcoming auctions, a specialist department and directory as well as a list of services are available.

  • Fossil Era
    Has a wide array of fossils for sale from around the world including trilobites, ammonites, megalodon teeth and dinosaur bones.

  • House Paintings Sale
    Big canvas oil paintings for home decor scenery, skylines, abstracts & more.

  • Lifeposters
    Online shopping store selling Christian posters with biblical themes for youth, kids, etc. They deliver their products worldwide.

  • United States Gold Bureau, The
    Selling gold and silver coins and bars. A price tracker tool, private client services, investment coins are also offered.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Vintage Furniture and Lighting in London
    Provides a mix of antique, vintage industrial, mid century and Art Deco furniture and lighting.

  • Wholesale Craft Supplies
    Offering craft supplies at wholesale prices and wholesale crafts for resale.

  • Amagi Metals
    Sells precious metals such as gold and silver. A blog, contact information and search function available on the website.

  • Antiques And The Arts Weekly EP
    Offers a compilation of articles and information focused on antiques and the arts.

  • Appraisal Day EP
    Offers detailed information on getting antiques appraised along with information regarding where to auction them.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Armor Venue
    Specialized in selling medieval armor part, swords, shields and more. Some items originating from World War II and Civil Wars are also available.

  • Bailey's Honor Auction Service EP
    Offers various antiques, collectibles, collections and estate property for the Milwaukee area, including previews of upcoming auctions with digital images.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Bertoia Auctions EP
    Online antiques store that specializes in toys and mechanical banks that are no longer being manufactured nowadays.

  • Bonhams EP
    The website offers access to a salesroom and a wide selection of Internet auctions for various antiques and collectibles.

  • Christie's International EP
    The official web portal of Christie's auction house, auctioning fine art and crafted goods. With an auction calendar, information on buying and selling, consignments, and tips for appraisal and valuation of art.

  • Collectables
    Provide an extensive range of gifts for every occasion such as charms, charm bracelets, kipling handbags, willow tree figures, charlie bears and more.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Collectors Universe EP
    Verified provider of auctions, grading, and authentication for coins and other currency, stamps, autographs, as well as music and sports memorabilia.

  • David Rago Auctions, Inc. EP
    The company specializes in 20th century decorative arts and furnishings, fine art, and jewelry. Features online issues of Modernism Magazine and Style 1900 Magazine.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • DeBence Antique Music World EP
    Presents a variety of antique musical instruments and devices including phonographs, music boxes, jukeboxes, and nickelodeons.

  • Divart
    Provides paintings, sculptures and limited edition authentic art.

  • Doyle New York EP
    Online platform specialized in jewelry, fine/decorative arts, antique furniture, books, and couture auctions.

  • Early Office Museum EP
    Showcases and details of equipment used in offices back to the late 1800s, including adding machines, typewriters, copying machines, seal presses, pens and pencils, and communications equipment.

  • Gbase Vintage Guitar Collective
    Stocking guitars from dealers around the world. The website has a section which contains vintage guitar listings as well as articles, guides and more.

  • GoAntiques
    Antiques and collectible trading community established in 1996. The products are ordered in topic based categories and a featured listings section is also available.

  • Hall Piano Company
    Hall Piano Company is south Louisiana's exclusive Steinway dealer and premier piano provider.

  • Hingstons of Wilton
    The websites of a UK based antique furniture dealers featuring a shop located Wilton near Salisbury. Product images included.

  • iCollector EP
    The platform is an online auction and resource for buying, selling, and researching art, antiques, and collectibles.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • InstAppraisal EP
    The portal offers scmmunity-driven information and appraisal site for antiques, collectibles, and artworks. Helps collectors or enthusiasts determine the value or learn about the history of their items.

  • LibraryThing
    One of the largest book lovers club, connects people with eerily similar tastes. Users can enter books, tare and review them and more.

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Arts, Antiques & Collectibles are widely appreciated and hoarded by lovers of the beautiful and unusual items. As a group, they represent the interest focus of a huge segment of hobbyists and collectors. This is one area where a good web directory is the first place to look for finding the items desired.

Arts include cultural representations of different societies and periods of history. This is divided into fine arts, decorative arts, crafts, and architectural styles. In addition to visual arts, the Arts category also includes physical arts such as dance, music, film, drama, fashion, and other media. There are arts from ancient civilizations, which also can be collectibles and antiques. Certain traditions and cultures still rule the definitions of styles, such as Roman, or African. Arts can also be categorized by time periods, as Gothic, Byzantine, or Modern. Arts enter into many collegiate disciplines such as Literature, Martial Arts, or Culinary Art.

Antiques are objects of a certain age that represent skill in craftsmanship, for example, an early model automobile, heirloom furniture, or 1940's war artwork. Most should be 50 to 100 years old at minimum, although with automobiles 25 years may be acceptable. Other antiques that are collectibles include things like old farm implements, vintage wine bottles, and antique dishes.

Usually, art collectors who like to gather masterpieces in the fields of arts, antiques and collectibles are people with refined tastes who are aware of the fact that although every collectible that they purchase may cost a fortune, it may double its price over years. People usually collect things such as stamps, maps, coins or napkins from different countries because they enjoy doing so and this is why they are sometimes struggling for years in order to find the missing piece from a collection.

As said before, the most important factor to be taken into consideration before purchasing an antique is the age of the item. The second one is the aspect as well as the value or the material. For instance, a 400 years old silver coin which is in perfect shape can be worth ten times more than a 400 years old silver coin which isn't flat or has its sides gnawed. A respectable collector will never buy a piece which he considers to be worth less than the price exposed when offered for sale. Usually, collectors gather at artisan shops in order to sell or buy the items that they need.

All in all, if you are passionate by old maps or religious artifacts for instance and you are at the beginning of the road, online you can find everything a new collector needs to know. Besides this, web directories can be useful and here you can find the piece missing from your coin collection, piece which you tried to find for years without success.

Collectibles are a group of items that someone finds valuable, more than street market value. They can be new or old, such as Hannah Montana collectibles, Barbie dolls, or old Coca Cola bottles. Some collectibles are also qualified to be considered antiques, and as art. Records, beer cans, and tee shirts are some more modern types of collectibles.

All the above, Art, Antiques, & Collectibles can be found quickly through an Internet web search. Use the web directory to get started even faster.