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  • Join Uruguay
    Information on traveling to and around Uruguay. It covers everything that a visitor would need to know including specific information about some hidden gems of the country.

  • Fact Monster: Uruguay
    Geared to children that are searching for information about Uruguay facts. It covers history and food facts on the country.

  • Uruguayan Food
    Information on the cuisine of Uruguay. Recipes and traditions are well covered on the site. It also offers some information about the history of the foods and the social aspects that make Uruguay unique.

Uruguay Web Directory

Uruguay is a country in South America located between Argentina and Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the rest of South America, its not particularly known for its amazing geographical features. What it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in stability.

Uruguay web directory

Uruguay is known for its stable democracy and low crime rate. Under its democracy its passed laws on free education and social medicine, which has made it a target for expats. Outside of the cities indigenous people still herd cattle, utilizing techniques that date back to before the 20th century. Tourists usually avoid these areas and head to the beaches or stay in the cities.

Uruguay wasn't always like this. Located between Argentina and Brazil, it often became a battle ground between the two larger countries. In 1813 the Argentine- Brazilian war began, just as Uruguay had finally pushed the Spanish out.

The two countries eventually came to an agreement and the New Republic of Uruguay was formed. Their governing choice was a peculiar one. A collegiate Executive office was elected and each member served as president for a year.

Uruguay became the model for democracy on the continent until their government was overthrown by a military coup. Only in the last 25 years has it once again become a beacon for hope, and a place of free will. Today Uruguay is run by a democratic government and is one of the most free countries on the continent.