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Peru is located on the western side of South America facing the Pacific Ocean. Its known for its Incan ruins, Andes mountains, it attracts millions of ecological tourists every year. The people of Peru are strong and proud.

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The faith they have in their government, is a different stories. Its all too common to find stories of corruption and embezzlement in local newspapers, and despite a very strong economy, the middle class is dwindling.

The gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow, partly due to the the dependence on industrial nations. The truly amazing part is that the Peruvians may not agree with the nations as a whole, they harbor no ill will towards individual citizens.

Peruvians are generally peaceful, friendly, and very helpful. They're known for coming to the aid of lost tourists, and opening their doors for wary travelers. They are not, however, known for their punctuality.

Expect buses to run late, shop owners to be out, and things to be a little different from how they were described. Something that occasionally throws tourists from out of town for a loop is their use of the word "gringo". Its meant to describe anyone who is American, or looks American, and is generally not offensive. Just another little quirk of the Peruvian culture.


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