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Much cultural diversity greatly influenced the country of Columbia and it's inhabitants. Beginning in the 20th century the cultural influences of North America began to effect Colombia's native culture in a number of ways.

Columbia map

The construction of shopping malls, the influence of Hollywood and its films along with American fashion trends and rock music brought a whole new outlook to the younger generations of Columbia.

The majority of today's Colombians reside in the area of the Andes, high above sea level. Snowfall is immense in these areas. Other parts of the Andes Mountains are volcanic and many are covered in glaciers.

You don't have to limit your visit to Columbia to the "cordilleras" or mountain ranges. There are plenty of other amazing places to see in Columbia. During your trip to South America, don't leave Columbia without stopping off in the fairy tale city of Cartagena.

Its natural scenery featuring lots of colonial architecture is absolutely breathtaking. Next stop, Bogota, Columbia's capital city. Check out the art galleries and the cities museums. If you are a night owl, you'll definitely appreciate the night life in Bogota where you can spend a whole evening out on the town.

The highlight of your vacation in Columbia will have you on its golden beaches along the Caribbean Sea. You'll bask in the joy of all the fun and sun and then it's on to "The Lost City". "The Lost City" is said to be a 1200 year old city that was once known as the city of Tairona.