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Chile gained its independence from Spain in 1818. Since breaking away, the influence of foreign cultures have helped to make up the cultural diversity of today's Chile.

Chile map

Many of the Chilean people are still very appreciative of their military and its efforts to free Chile from Spain. They show their appreciation by way of festivals honoring the military with celebrations like Armed Forces Day and their Independence Day.

Holidays in Chile are largely based on religion. Unique religious festivals are common in Chile. Festivals such as the Virgen del Carmen is celebrated in July and is the most notable of their religious festivals.

Children in Chilean families are taught Roman Catholic studies from early on. Religion is a primary subject taught in Chilean institutions. Family is very important to the people of Chile and their religious beliefs are a huge part of their daily life. Because their belief system is based on the church, it was illegal to get a divorce in Chile until recently, in 2004.

Spanish may be Chile's official language, but there are also many other indigenous languages spoken in this country; especially in its diverse capital of Santiago.


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