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Bolivia is situated centrally in South America. Bordered on all sides by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru; Bolivia is a landlocked country made up of a large population of multi-ethnic people.

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True Bolivians are a curious group of people who are very open to other cultures. A typical Bolivian household consists of parents, children and many of their extended family including grandparents and often aunts and uncles to boot. It is not uncommon in Bolivia for a large number of people to occupy the same residence.

Bolivia declared it's independence from Peru in 1809 and is subsequently named after its Spanish American leader Simon Bolivar. A lot of people don't know it, but Bolivia is one of very few countries that actually has two capital cities; Sucre and La Paz.

The reason behind Bolivia's two capital cities is the fact that the countries government is split into two separate locations; the judicial branch is situated in Sucre, while the countries president and congress are located in La Paz.

Bolivia is widely known for its beautiful landscapes. A trip to Bolivia could take you to scenic destinations such as the Andes Mountains or the Amazon. There's no better time to explore Bolivia.