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  • Travel.State.Gov: Argentina
    Assists citizens with international provisions, passport and visa assistance, and general information about traveling abroad.

  • Argentina EP
    The National Secretariat of Tourism,offering information on services for tourists and travel agencies.

  • Argentour
    Provides historical information on Argentina and tours.

  • Arteamundo EP
    Features art exhibitions including links to photos, drawings and sculptures.

  • Atlapedia online EP
    Features general information about Argentina.

  • Banco Central De La Republica Argentina EP
    Offers monetary policy information along with economic indicators and regulations.

  • Caritas Argentina
    A community organization that seeks to establish community pride, spirit, and responsibility.

    Offers information on trade leads, services and link to international business network sites.

    Argentine Republic Chamber of Importers.

  • Club Del Disco
    A very popular club to perform at and view Latin musicians from other countries in Buenos Aires.

  • CNV EP
    The National Securities Commission that ensures transparency in the securities markets.

  • El Grafico
    This website is based upon a sports magazine that is published in Argentina. The online magazine promotes and discusses all athletic sports.

    Offers information on the participation of Argentina in the FIFA.

  • Fundacion Espigas EP
    Protects and keeps general documentation on Argentina's visual arts history.

  • Fundacion Konex EP
    A body that offers awards for excellence in varied fields.

  • Governments On The WWW: Argentina EP
    Provides link to municipal, regional and federal institutions and their representatives in other countries.

  • Hospitals World Wide Argentina
    Offers insight to the different hospital listings and health clinics that are available in Aregentina.

  • Intercultural EP
    Provides Spanish courses created by trained professionals.

  • Library Of Congress EP
    Offers links to information about the legislative and judicial branches of government in Argentina.

  • Para Ti
    Offers online discussions about beauty, fashion, decorations, cooking, family life and situations, along with celebrity stories

    Architectural project; offers links to news and exhibitions.

  • Sedesa EP
    The Deposit Guarantee Fund's Administartor.

  • VIVA Travel Guides Argentina
    Boasts about different activities such as wine tasting, hiking, climbing South America's tallest mountain or simply enjoying the views the country has to offer.

Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital accounts for about 90% of the country's population. Many of its people are immigrants from various other parts of Europe, contributing to a wide variety of languages other than Spanish, spoken in Argentina.

Argentina Map

Along with many native tongues comes a variety of culture. Each year in Argentina, the people host celebrations all year round. Argentina's huge number of festivals last from January to December, among them include "Vendimia"; which is an Argentine wine festival.

This spectacular event runs from January to March and is packed full of wine tasting fun and excitement. Few are actually aware of the great wines that come from the Cuyo region of Argentina.

No one can visit Buenos Aries, Argentina without taking part in a little music and dance! The quintessential Tango, the official dance of Argentina has been around for ages and is one of the most popular forms of music and dance in the world. No dance competition would be the same without the Tango.

Besides mastering the art of Tango, many of Argentina's natives share quite an interest in sports. Among their favorites include; polo, auto racing and football.