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  • Eua Island Tonga
    Vacation hotspot for tourists in Tonga. Offers information about the region and potential things you could do while here.

  • Lonely Planet - Tonga
    Official Tonga webpage brought by Lonely Planet. Meant as a tourist guide, the website offers relevant information about the area and its surroundings.

  • Ministry of Health, Tonga
    The Government of Tonga's Ministry of Health department. Offers information about health practices and all sorts of articles for patients and physicians alike.

  • Target One Game Fishing
    A website dedicated to fishing practices in Tonga. Offers information for fishermen, like hot fishing spots and the kinds of fish available in the area.

  • Tonga on the NET
    Objective information about Tonga and its islands. Offers a lot of resources for people looking to learn more about Tonga and its culture and people.

  • Tonga Resorts Pacific
    Resource for resorts in the Pacific, with an emphasis on locations in and around Tonga. Accommodation options available on the site, with links to their respective websites.

    Offers the opportunity for citizens in Tonga to find and post jobs in an online platform. You can search by domain and location to find any job listings available.

This ocean playground is the perfect destination for the honeymooners or the family. Where else can you play all day and never want to go home. There is so much to see and so much to touch, feel and experience. It is not only breathtaking it is fun.

Tonga web directory

Kids can play from the rising of the sun till the closing of the day. Make family memories by snorkeling in the clear water with. You'll discover turtles, rays, sea stars and amazingly colorful fish. You can even swim with the whales. And if that is a little too adventurous for you catch the next boat and see up close, sea life like never before.

The sun always shines and smiles are easy to find on this tropical fun land. The locals are friendly, the air is fresh and the memories you can make are like no other. Camping is fabulous, trekking, fishing and even kayaking are just a few of the many thing you can do with the loves of your life.

Build sandcastles, dance to the local's music, relax and pause and remember just how precious life is. Tonga is the perfect island get away. It has just enough fun and culture in one of the world's most prestigious settings.