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Solomon Islands Web Directory

If you want an authentic get away, a place to relax and leave your busy world and computer behind, then head to these wondrous islands. Only here can you truly experience an authentic island vacation. More and more tourists are coming to this group of islands to enjoy its unique character and stunning attributes.

Solomon Islands web directory
Solomon Islands

Forget commercialism. You'll be safe while visiting these islands and yet time seems to have stood still for many centuries. That slow pace and natural beauty will allow you to sit back and take in all that this amazing hidden diamond has to offer.

Divers know it is a fantastic place to be challenged and to enjoy hidden treasures beneath the water. Huge lagoons are all over the islands. They are absolutely beautiful. And while you may visit a lagoon one moment you can also discover a quick flowing river the next. Those who love fishing will think they just found heaven.

You'll be mesmerized by the interesting history of the Solomon Islands. You'll want to eat the food, touch the culture, live out your dreams, breathe the air, feel the sun and enjoy a break from your everyday world.