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You'll not find a better place in the world to enjoy the nature of the sea. This wonder island is home to what some say is surely the best diving around. It is rich in culture, rich in beauty and the ideal place to get refreshed and refueled. There's no need to bring one care or one worry to this exotic paradise.

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You'll love the food, the clear starry nights and the white sandy beaches that go on and on. Diving has never been so rich and so glorious.

Divers boast of the untouched reefs and hidden caves one can explore. Each day brings a whole new map of adventure. The marine life is amazing. You can swim will jellyfish (don't worry these are safe) and the many animals of the sea if clear warm bathtub like water. The forests are exquisite as are the water-falls and unspoiled beauty that makes Palau so special.

The crowds are missing and your experience promises to bring peace and joy. This island country in the Pacific Ocean is becoming more and more popular and people learn about its rare and unique charm.


  • FAO Country Profiles: Palau
    The Food and Agriculture Organization from the United Nations webpage concerning Palau. Underlines current projects in development or already under way in Palau.

  • Palau International Coral Reef Center
    Website which aims to bring the coral reef in Palau into world focus. Meant as an environmental organization, the site aims at increasing awareness for the coral reef.