Marketing for Transportation Websites

The bulk of New Zealand’s transportation was and still is roads and cars, implicitly. This is because the island-like country mostly has its population spread across the coast, with large amounts of land in-between which can’t account for much in terms of transportation options.

However, once the rails and ferries have been introduced, transportation means have begun to somewhat develop in major cities along the coast. Recent times have brought the need for more accents being directed towards public transportation options. The main force behind public transportation still remains buses and most of funds for infrastructure development have been directed towards building more roads.

This, in turn, has brought a negative attitude from some government officials as fuel prices are on a constant rise and pollution needs to always be taken into consideration.

Rail systems are in place and pretty popular around the country. Yet the most important transportation option for both commercial and industrial purposes remains the water transportation system along the coast. This method was used way before New Zealand has been colonized and remains in place mainly due to its practical nature and lower cost association.

Even though you won’t have problems getting to and from New Zealand, there are options once you get there and this page is aimed at providing you with information on those options directly.

There are also plenty of airports – more than 110 countrywide – the Auckland airport being the biggest and handling well over 11 million passengers per year. It’s followed in terms of traffic by the Christchurch Airport and the Wellington Airport, respectively.


  • Aviation Industry Association of New Zealand
    Represents the interests of the aviation community. Offers information about divisions, sponsorship, activities, rules and constitution.

  • Bike Wise
    Offers information on cycling as a fun and safe way to travel. Provides details of events, bikes, riding, resources and news updates.

  • Bus and Coach Association
    Industry association offers information on membership, provided services, coach grading, resources, conferences and programs.

  • Corporate Cabs
    Offers professional uniformed drivers and provides information about bookings, sustainability, area covered and contacts.

  • Driftaway Campers
    Offers new camper vans for both short and long term trips in New Zealand.

  • New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals and Tours
    Offers pictures and details in regard to the technical characteristics of the offered motorcycles that are for rent.

  • NZ Transport Agency
    Offers roads and travel information, vehicles, licences, the state highway network, planning, management, funding, resources, notices, news updates and consultation.

  • Pacific Horizon
    Offers various ranges of motor homes and camper vans for traveling across New Zealand.

  • Road Transport Forum NZ
    Offers details of objectives, members area, associations, media, publications and transport facts.

  • Super Shuttle
    Provides transfers to and from major New Zealand airports. Offers information on the service with online booking.