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Most sports in New Zealand have been adopted and adapted from Australia and the UK. National sports like cricket, rugby, soccer, golf, tennis and netball are widely popular.

Soccer is the most popular sport among teens, primarily due to commercial exposure which also hit New Zealand in the last century.

What’s specific about New Zealand is the opening game of rugby. New Zealanders have been often accredited as having the best rugby team in the world, winning lots of World Cups. The game starts with a traditional Maori challenge called a “haka”. It’s an interpretative dance and there are thousands of variations spread across the country.

However, the most popular one worldwide is and probably will remain the “Kama Te”. New Zealand participates in national and international games with its own teams of rugby, netball, cricket, softball, cycling, yachting and rowing.

In terms of recreation options, New Zealand boasts a wide variety of adventure sports and extreme sports. The adventure tourism derived from this brings hundreds of thousands of mountaineers to the country in seek of thrills on serene landscapes. Cycling, fishing, hunting, snow sports, surfing, running and tramping are also widely popular among the general population as practicable sports.