Property Brokers is a provincial real estate agency located in New Zealand that offers a comprehensive range of realty services. They cater to various types of properties, including residential, rural, lifestyle, and commercial. Their services are not just limited to buying and selling, but also leasing properties.

One of the major characteristics of Property Brokers is their user-friendly interface, where clients can search for different types of properties for sale. Their diverse portfolio includes everything from residential homes to commercial spaces for lease. In addition, the platform assists clients through their buying process by providing useful guides and tips, such as investing in New Zealand, buying a first home, and understanding the auction process.

Property Brokers also offers a variety of resources to help customers make the best decisions for their real estate needs. For instance, they provide calculators for mortgages and commercial yields to help potential buyers evaluate their financial capabilities and return on investment. They also offer a 'favorites' feature where clients can easily access their preferred properties and save their searches for future reference.

The agency equally commits to providing effective real estate selling services. The procedures encompass everything from property appraisal to selecting the optimal marketing strategy for the listed property. Property Brokers also share useful guides on diverse topics such as the best time to sell, DIY painting tips, and general advice on selling a home.

The leasing options offered by Property Brokers are likewise extensive. They offer comprehensive rental search options, assistance in finding property managers, and a clear outline of the application process. The agency goes a step further to educate renters about their rights and obligations, and how to recover their bonds at the end of the lease.

Moreover, Property Brokers' property management service aims to provide convenience and peace of mind to the owners. They guarantee legislative obligations adherence, offer varying packages to suit different needs, and even handle commercial property management.

Verdict: Property Brokers is a versatile real estate agency that offers a plethora of services to buyers, sellers, and renters. Their extensive guides, tools, and user-friendly interface lead for a hassle-free property marketplace experience. From residential homes, rural farms, lifestyle estates, to commercial spaces, Property Brokers provides professional, streamlined services for all aspects of property acquisition, sale, and management.