Open2view is a multi-national property portal offering comprehensive services to potential buyers, renters, as well as real estate agents and administrators across four countries: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The portal, which supports multiple languages including English, Mori, Spanish, and Chinese, provides a wide variety of comprehensive property listings. Whether it's residential, commercial, farmhouse, or rental property, Open2view has you covered. The property types range from houses, townhouses, apartments, villas, studios, terraces houses, to specialised types like retirement accommodations, holiday homes, lifestyle properties, and investment flats.

The portal provides plenty of room for customization for users looking for specific types of properties. The search parameter options for properties include not just the location and address, but also the property ID and keywords. There are additional distinctive search filters that include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the property's price range. Additionally, for those interested in commercial and farm/ag properties, Open2view extends its listing genres into horticulture, nurseries, forestry, grazing, orchards, vineyards, aquaculture and more. Specialised retail, office industrial, accommodations, tourism, hospitality, warehouse investments, and commercial lands are also part of their extended listing panel.

For private users looking for properties, Open2view makes it easy to create a user login for a personalized experience. The users can sign up to manage their searches, shortlisted properties, and contacts with property sellers or rental managers. On the other hand, real estate agents or office admins can also make an agent/admin login. This feature helps professionals manage their property listings in a simplified way.

In conclusion, Open2view appears to be a well-rounded, versatile, and comprehensive real estate portal. It successfully caters to a wide variety of property genres and customer bases across multiple languages and nationalities. Open2view could be a valuable tool for those looking to buy, rent, or professionally engage in the property market.